A cleaner, less expensive fuel

By opting for natural gas for vehicles, you will substantially reduce your costs
and your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

  • Less expensive: 20-40%* savings in costs compared to diesel.
  • Cleaner: 25% less GHG emissions with natural gas than with diesel.
  • And in the future: Natural gas vehicles will be able to use biomethane without
    any modification to the engine.

In Québec, the road transport section is the largest GHG emitter, accounting for more than 40% of total emissions. Heavy diesel trucks emit 28% of the GHG emissions in Québec, while representing only 2% of all vehicles. That is why natural gas for vehicles is an ideal solution for heavy transport, using already proven and available technologies to reduce GHG emissions.

* These savings are based on historical data and may vary depending on the size of the heavy truck fleets and
the evolution in the prices of natural gas and diesel.

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