Gaz Métro Transport Solutions:
A leader in its field

Gaz Métro Transport Solutions has undertaken to develop a network of natural gas fuelling stations for vehicles
in Eastern Canada. A leader in this field, it is working on developing a cleaner fuel for the different modes of commercial transportation: road, rail and water.

Road transport

The "Blue Road"

Gaz Métro Transport Solutions is deploying the Blue Road, the first network of natural gas refuelling stations for vehicles.

This major commercial refuelling project already includes public and private stations in Québec and Ontario, in particular along Highways 20 and 401, the most important heavy transportation corridor in the east of the country.

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Water transport

In another Canadian first, Gaz Métro Transport Solutions will be supplying liquefied natural gas (LNG) to three new ferries ordered by the Société des traversiers du Québec. The ferry operator is abandoning fuel oil for two of its crossings in favour
of liquefied natural gas, a cleaner and more economical fuel. The crossings between Tadoussac / Baie-Sainte-Catherine and Matane / Baie-Comeau
will be served by the new LNG ships. Gaz Métro Transport Solutions will use its tankers to supply the ferries.

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Rail transport

Gaz Métro Transport Solutions is also involved in developing the natural gas market for rail transportation, which requires a reliable and powerful fuel.

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