Multi-energy stations

Gaz Métro Transport Solutions and La Coop fédérée join forces to implement multi-energy stations.

A fuel
that is cheaper,
than diesel.

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The Société des traversiers du Québec has acquired
three ferries
that run on liquefied natural gas.

Robert Transport will have 180 trucks on the road
that run on liquefied natural gas.

EBI-Environnement has adopted compressed natural gas.


Why not follow their example and call on Gaz Métro Transport Solutions to make the move to blue!


  • An expert
    and a leader

    In developing a network
    of natural gas fuelling stations for vehicles
    in Canada. 
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  • A turnkey

    We can guide you
    through the process of evaluating and carrying
    out your project.
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  • Liquefied
    or compressed natural gas

    We can advise you
    on the best fuel
    for your fleet.
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