A turnkey service

Gaz Métro Transport Solutions offers a turnkey service for the evaluation of your project and for all that is involved in fuelling
your new vehicles.

Our advisors can inform and support you in your decision-making process and in carrying out your project. So please do not hesitate to communicate with us.

To help you make a better decision:

Technical evaluation of fleet conversion potential

  • Possible motorization
  • Fleet range and performance
  • Selection of the ideal natural gas supply method
    (LNG or CNG)

Technical-economic analysis and comprehensive profitability scenario

  • Cost of supply service (delivery and LNG/CNG station)
  • Additional cost of vehicles
  • Value of tax depreciation for trucks using LNG
  • Cost of natural gas (per molecule of natural gas)

Help in obtaining financial assistance

When you decide to go ahead with natural gas for vehicles,
the services we offer are:

Coordination of required training

  • Truck fuelling (RBV certificate and safety training)
  • Truck maintenance (TCG certificate and training by engine manufacturer)

Project management and construction of fuelling stations

Operation and maintenance of fuelling stations

Supply of LNG/CNG

Logistics of delivering LNG and supplying CNG

24-hour service at the fuelling stations

Management of the growth of the stations, based on needs

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